Mena Hotels & Resorts

About us

MENA was founded in 2008 by former marketers of hospitality services and is currently run by veterans of the International Hospitality industry. 

The group specializes in hospitality management services that include acquisition, development, technical services, sales and marketing with an innovative high-technology global distribution system in international markets and serviced hotel and resort operations. 

MENA Hotels & Resorts represents a collection of trendy-chic 4 to 5 star boutique hotels which are known for their high level of service and outstanding attributes that promise excellence with its innovative fusion of lifestyle and high tech operations. 

Our History

Founded in 2008 by Al Hokair Group a leading company in the hospitality and entertainment industry within the Middle East, MENA Hotels & Resorts holds a distinctive collection of properties, all of which are reflecting the heart of Arabian hospitality combined with the collective experience of world-class hoteliers. The service excellence translates seamlessly into MENA Hotels & Resorts values and ensures a high standard for all the guests. Our hotels are proud to speak your language and respect your traditions thus our properties are alcohol-free and strictly committed to ensure your family stay is pleasurable and safe. 

The MENA Hotels & Resorts Group story is an ongoing tale rife with a struggle to maintain the highest quality and prestige while expanding our services and improving all existing ones. We are the embodiment of the renowned Arabian hospitality combined with the collective expertise of executive hoteliers and their international experience and here is our young history: 
MENA hotels & Resorts Corporation is established between Mr. Sami Al Hokair & Mr. Fadi Mazkour 
Operating as MENA, we opened our first property, MENA Hotel Riyadh in Olaya district, followed by several other hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 
MENA acquired the first hotel in Dubai, MENA Plaza Hotel in Al Barsha which was inaugurated in September 2017, and it is continuously expanding throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. 

Our Values

MENA Hotels and Resorts are home to a set of values and a tireless integrity which are shaping the Corporation's future. Our corporate culture has always been and will always be committed to providing superior services at the highest standards. We expect the best from ourselves and for our guests, with a genuine Arabian hospitality that we embody to our very soul, from the highest wrung in our employee ladder to the humblest service-providers in our extensive corporation. In the end, we aim to provide an unforgettable experience, presented with a heartfelt smile and an unflagging welcome. Moreover, our unfaltering respect of the traditions proved to be one of our cornerstone values, as it should always be in any self-respecting corporation which cares for its clientele’s long-term satisfaction.

Standard rooms with twin beds & TV at Mena Red Sea Place

Our Vision

We look to a future where MENA Hotels & Resorts stands as the top choice for all travelers, corporate and leisure, as we fulfill their every need and every wish. Our teams are extensively trained and selected for the purpose of undertaking this far-reaching vision that we are confident we will be able to achieve in short order. 
Our devotion to our guests and their comfort and happiness are inarguable and boundless. Each of our properties reflect this deep-seated desire, as it represents MENA's brand with its own distinct operational promise and its tangible and discerning experience. As such, the moment any individuals, corporate travelers or leisure tourists, from any of the four corners of the world chose to stay in KSA, UAE or Jordan, they will look forward to selecting the nearest MENA hotel property, keeping in mind our consistent and ongoing service excellence.

MENA Brands

Our properties tend to speak for themselves, fashioning the brands around a handful of standard categories. By doing so, each hotel helps its guests plan their trips and make adequate reservations depending on their needs; be it business economy, need for space and luxury or calm and fun family vacation. 
Designed to cater to every customers desire, from the most exclusivist luxury, a fun family vacation, the functionality of a convention center, to the enchanting venue for an event, our five brands guarantee quality and practicality. 


Under the enriched banner of MENA Hotels & Resorts, our 5 stars properties demonstrate luxury across all areas of operation with an extensive range of facilities and highly personalized services. Properties at this level will display excellent design quality and attention to detail. Hence if you are seeking to feel like royalty MENA GRAND is the typical destination, an exclusive world of sensations where luxury takes on a new dimension.


Experience unforgettable moments and best customer service designed to create a unique atmosphere. Rooms are meticulously designed and offer everything you need to make you feel at home and maximize your leisure time. A blend of old and new luxurious heritage fashioned to suit the needs of the modern guest. MENA Hotels feature a wide range of facilities and superior design qualities, complemented by service standards which reflect the varied needs of the guest. 


(4 STARS HOTELS) Whether you are a business traveler, a family planner or a weekend leisure seeker your needs are covered. MENA Plazas offer their guests a relaxing and comfortable stay. The atmosphere is warm and very friendly with a staff on hand 24/7 ready to assist you during your stay. Most of our properties have been completely renovated in order to offer our guests contemporary designed rooms, bright, spacious and equipped in order to meet your needs.


Our Boutique Hotels offer guests an experience that is unique and delightful, merging modern oriental decor with contemporary elements. We are following the" no-frill chic" consumer trend, featuring affordable or budget boutique hotels in many destinations in the Mena region. The end result, every time, is an extraordinary and memorable experience that will stay with you for a long time.


This is where comfort and service fuse to transcend accommodation. Available for short-term or long-term stay, MENA Aparthotels provide hotel-like amenities such as room service and offer facilities much like a traditional hotel but with more space, convenience and privacy. They are the perfect choice for companies to host professionals who may be on a local or international work assignment, family vacationers or any other kind.

Our Leaders

Our culture is heavily reflected in our management as we strive to be the best by ensuring a complete hotel management service such as technical operations, sales and marketing and Global Distribution System. These features transform the reservations process into a seamless and instantaneous procedure, creating a prominent and renowned name for MENA Hotels & Resorts Group in the highly competitive and vast field of Hospitality. Moreover, MENA Hotels & Resorts Group aims to acquire a collection of 20 hotels around the GCC, Middle East and North Africa by 2020 that will cater to every lifestyle and corporate choice, as we not only provide rooms and food but also an outstanding gathering place for business meetings and conferences, conventions, special events, marriages and many more.


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